Sustainable Energy Portfolio - MMPAMMPA is committed to providing its members with clean, renewable energy. The Agency’s portfolio of renewable resources supports meeting the Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard (RES) and customer demand for renewable energy. The RES requires 25% of  MMPA’s energy to come from renewable sources  by 2025.


MMPA’s renewable energy portfolio includes wind energy from the Agency’s 44 MW Oak Glen Wind Farm, as well as and power output from the 78 MW Black Oak Getty Wind Farm. In addition, the Agency’s Hometown WindPower program locates wind turbines in our member communities, as well as at MMPA’s Faribault Energy Park.

Wind power is one of the fastest growing energy sources worldwide, and it produces no carbon emissions or pollution. In Minnesota, wind turbines are an increasingly common part of the landscape.



In 2013, MMPA built its 8MW Hometown BioEnergy facility located in the member community of Le Sueur. The facility utilizes anaerobic digestion technology to produce biogas from agricultural and food processing wastes. As one of the largest facilities of its kind in the U.S., HTBE produces dispatchable, renewable electricity, heat,  and nutrient-rich byproducts.



In 2017, MMPA added the Buffalo Solar facility to its power supply portfolio. The 7 MW utility-scale solar project, located near the Agency’s member community of Buffalo, is comprised of more than 25,000 solar panels. The Agency purchases all of the output of the facility under a long-term contract. In addition, the Agency’s Hometown Solar program locates solar installations in our member communities, as well as at MMPA’s Faribault Energy Park.



Two of MMPA’s member communities, East Grand Forks and Olivia, purchase a portion of their power from the Western Area Power Administration. Because it produces no waste and causes no carbon emissions, hydroelectric power is a sustainable form of energy.