Hometown WindPower

Hometown WindPower

In 2006, MMPA began an ambitious project to locate wind turbines within our member communities. Each MMPA community can take pride in this meaningful action to create power that is carbon-free and renewable.

Local, Clean and Sustainable Electricity

MMPA member utilities have taken a step forward to produce renewable energy in twelve of our cities.  The project locates power generation within the community where the electricity is used. While many wind farm projects are corporately served, Hometown WindPower serves the people who own their local utility.  We’re keeping the economic and environmental benefits local.

Hometown WindPower gives MMPA member communities the chance to become a part of the solution to the state’s renewable energy needs. A wind turbine is a signal to all approaching each city that your hometown cares about the environment and clean energy production – a town that is a leader.

This system of turbines reflects MMPA’s commitment to sustainable energy, and will help MMPA meet its state requirement to achieve a Renewable Energy Standard of 25 percent by 2025.