Economic Development

MMPA supports economic development in our member communities. When our members grow, we grow.  We have developed rate structures and acquired land and land rights to support our economic development objectives.

As an agency with twelve members, we have a variety of communities for businesses seeking to expand or relocate.  MMPA is the wholesale power supplier to each of its members.  As a result, we have relationships with economic development staff and city management.  A representative of each community sits on MMPA’s Board and understands the Agency’s desire to promote economic development for our members.

The sections below outline some of the reasons you should consider an MMPA member community for your business growth.  To start a discussion and learn more, please contact Jim Richardson at (904) 504-8597 or



MMPA is an innovative wholesale power supplier.  We are not constrained by traditional utility thinking and open to new ideas.  We are willing and able to craft rate designs and other product and service offerings to meet the needs of those looking to locate and/or build within our member communities.

Some examples of our innovativeness include our development of a rate design that gives larger customers access to wholesale market pricing and allowing customers to utilize their own capacity resources.


Speed to Market

We understand that speed to market is one of the key considerations when developers are evaluating new locations.  MMPA is a flexible and nimble utility.  We can respond quickly when opportunities arise.  To help facilitate speed to market, we have acquired land and land rights in certain of our member communities.

As a municipal power agency, MMPA is its own rate regulator.  We have the ability to adopt and implement new rates to support economic development without having to obtain external approval from any regulatory body.



MMPA and its members have a long history of providing reliable power to our customers.  Our members’ crews can respond quickly during the rare times when issues do occur.  They are knowledgeable about their cities and power systems because they are located within our communities, not at a call center in another state or a service center twenty miles away.


Competitive Power Prices

For more than two decades, MMPA has supplied its members with power at competitive prices.  In most years, our rates have been below those of neighboring utilities, and in many years, they have been well below those rates.

We understand that energy cost is an important component when siting a new energy-intensive location.  We have developed innovative rate structures, including a rate design that provide larger customers with access to wholesale market prices.  We are committed to working with prospective customers to provide affordable power supply alternatives.


Available Land

To support economic development opportunities, MMPA has acquired land or land rights in several of our member communities.  We welcome discussions with prospective customers about whether our sites might be suitable for their development purposes.