Board of Directors

MMPA is governed by a Board of Directors. The MMPA Board of Directors is responsible for setting policy, for approving investments in new plants, and for overseeing management. Each MMPA member has a representative on MMPA’s Board and an alternate representative.


Mr. Erik Skogquist

Council Member

Mr. Ed Evans (alternate)

Utility Advisory Board Member


Ms. Amy Newsom

City Administrator

Ms. Lisa Tesch (alternate)

Deputy Clerk


Mr. Curt Carrigan

Council Member


Mr. Joseph Steffel

Utilities Director
MMPA Treasurer

Ms. Laureen Bodin (alternate)

City Administrator


Mr. Matt Podhradsky

City Administrator
MMPA Chairman

Mr. Andrew Romine (alternate)

Assistant Electric Director

East Grand Forks

Mr. Keith Mykleseth

General Manager
MMPA Vice Chairman

Mr. Jeff Olson (alternate)

Distribution Superintendent

Elk River

Ms. Theresa Slominski

General Manager

Ms. Mary Stewart

Utilities Commissioner

Le Sueur

Mr. Newell Krogmann

Council Member

Mr. Jasper Kruggel (alternate)

City Administrator

North St. Paul

Mr. Brian Frandle

Director of Electric Utilities
MMPA Secretary


Ms. Amber Dale

Utility Accounts Manager

Mr. Dan Coughlin (alternate)

City Administrator


Greg Drent

Interim Utilities Manager

Ms. Deb Amundson (alternate)

Utilities Commissioner


Mr. Peter Machaiek


Ms. Jenny Palmer (alternate)

City Administrator