Hometown BioEnergy

Hometown BioEnergy

Hometown BioEnergy (HTBE) is an important component of MMPA’s commitment towards local, sustainable energy production. The 8 MW biomass facility, located in the MMPA member community of Le Sueur, provides dispatchable, on-peak renewable energy to the Agency.

Hometown BioEnergy completed its first full year of operation in 2014. The facility uses anaerobic digestion technology to produce biogas from agricultural and food processing wastes from a number of local sources. The biogas is then burned in reciprocating engines to produce electricity. The facility can also create nutrient-rich by-products. Anaerobic digestion is especially well suited to the high moisture content of Minnesota’s agricultural and food processing wastes.

Hometown BioEnergy supports the local community by collecting and processing local wastes to create a renewable source of electricity that flows directly into the Le Sueur power system.

The facility was recognized by POWER Magazine as a 2014 Top Renewable Plant. Click here to learn more.