The City of Chaska sits in the Minnesota River valley, in the rapidly-growing southwest Twin Cities metro area. Chaska was for many years a prolific producer of bricks made from local clay. More recently, major industry in Chaska has shifted to technology and biomedical companies. Whereas the major employers in the 1960s included Crystal Sugar, Klein Brickyard and Gedney Pickle, top employers today include technology firms Entegris and FSI, along with biomedical firms Lake Region, Lifecore Biomedical and Beckman Coulter. In 1992, Chaska and seven other cities joined together to form MMPA. Chaska is home to the Minnesota River Station.

  • Conservation Rebates

    The Chaska Electric Department invites residential and commercial customers to participate in their energy conservation programs.  For more information on rebates, click here.



  • Renewable Products

    Clean Energy Choice

    Clean Energy Choice is an affordable, low-cost way for residential electric customers to support renewable energy. The program offers residential customers with the option to elect to have 50%, 75%, or 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. This is in addition to the 17% renewable energy that is provided to all MMPA customers, as required by Minnesota law. The renewable energy for the Clean Energy Choice program comes from the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency’s renewable resources and renewable purchases from other utilities.  For more information on MMPA’s renewable energy resources, click here.


    What are the benefits?

    • Inexpensive – From $1 – $3 per Month
    • Predictable Cost – Monthly cost is fixed and not dependent on energy usage
    • Easy to Sign Up – Simply click here to sign up on the Clean Energy Choice website
    • Easy to Cancel – Subscription is monthly – you can cancel at anytime


    How do customers subscribe?

    To sign-up, visit the Clean Energy Choice website. Once customers are signed up, the subscription will appear as a surcharge on their electric bill in monthly increments – there is no minimum term commitment for Clean Energy Choice. Customers can choose to unsubscribe at any time.