MMPA's Oak Glen Wind Farm became operational in October 2011. In addition, the Agency's Hometown WindPower program locates wind turbines within each of 11 member cities.

Wind power is one of the fastest growing energy sources worldwide, and it produces no carbon emissions or pollution. In Minnesota, wind turbines are an increasingly common part of the landscape.


MMPA is developing biomass facilities that will use food processing and agricultural wastes to create electricity and solid fuel.

The Hometown BioEnergy facility produces 8 MW of renewable electricity. One of the technologies used is anaerobic digestion, which is a natural process that converts organic material into biogas.


Two of MMPA's member communities, East Grand Forks and Olivia, purchase a portion of their power from the Western Area Power Administration. Because it produces no waste and causes no carbon emissions, hydroelectric power is a sustainable form of energy.

Community-Based Energy Development Projects

Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED) is a program under which Minnesotans can develop renewable energy projects and sell the output to utilities. MMPA welcomes proposals for C-BED projects, especially in the vicinity of our member communities.

If you would like to discuss a qualifying project, please contact Oncu Er at (612) 349-6868.

Green Power Choice

Green Power Choice is a voluntary program that offers customers the opportunity to purchase hydroelectric and wind power.

Contact Your Community Utility for More Information.