We Save Business/ Conservation

MMPA’s We Save program for commercial, industrial and business customers can improve your bottom line. Our incentive programs provide cash payments to help you install qualifying efficient lighting, motors, VFDs and custom projects. We’ll help you make the right long-term choices for your business.

Commercial Lighting Incentives

We Save BusinessMany MMPA communities offer incentives commercial and industrial customers to upgrade their lighting systems. During the busy day-to-day activity at your business, it is easy to overlook something as seemingly minor as lighting. While electricity bills often only represent a small portion of your monthly expenses, over the years they can add up to thousands of dollars of expenses. Ultimately, why would you spend more money for energy than you need to?

Replacing old lighting fixtures with energy efficient fixtures can cut your electric use by as much as 60%. Upgrade to high efficiency lighting now to lower your operating costs. MMPA member utilities may help cover the cost of the upgrade, so why wait?

For more information on commercial lighting incentives offered by your local utility, please visit your hometown page.

Motor Efficiency and VFD Incentives

Energy Star Partner

Many MMPA communities offer incentives for customers who upgrade existing, operating motors to premium efficient models or purchase VFDs.

For more information on motor efficiency and VFD incentives offered by your local utility, please visit your hometown page.